ELITÉ LIP GLOSS A uniform layer of deep color

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  • Gentle Lip Gloss with silicone applicator
  • 12 juicy shades
  • Lightweight, gel base
  • The color blends perfectly with the lip

Delicate lip gloss, the silicone applicator, cover mouth with a uniform layer of deep color.

Lightweight, gel base makes the color perfectly blends into the skin of the lips, leaving the impression of freshness and hydration. Rich structure provides gradable opacity of the crystalline finish.

Active ingredients:

Cremerlin PURA (made from 100% natural ingredients derived from organic farming), promotes easy application, provides comfort on the lips.Oil mango nourishes and protects the skin. Special wax composition regulates the viscosity of the mass, and provides persistent moisturizing
Weight: 3.5 ml
Shelf life: 12 months after opening

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