ART OF COLOR powder It emphasizes the natural beauty

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  • Neutralizes discolorations
  • Models features
  • Eliminates shine
  • Controls the level of secretion of sebum

Collection powders are ART OF COLOR is six unique recipes. Carefully chosen composition of pigments and high quality care ingredients, leaving skin fumed, rested and fresh.

The choice of colors in shades melange contained in Pudrach group Collage — 401, 404, 405 — is able to bring out the delicate beauty of a woman’s face.
# 401 Bronzer — delicately illuminates, leaves sun-kissed complexion

# 404 Light & Color — evens skin, smoothes the skin, subtly illuminates

# 405 Neutralizes Red — with the addition of the green pigment masks spots and blood vessels

# 201 Bengal Tiger — white rice powder, completely transparent (micronized powder, organic rice absorbs sebum, the skin on the mat longer)

# 202 African Earth — universal tint, matte finish

# 203 Transparent & Bronzer Duo — a combination of slightly shimmering bronzer powder and transparent

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