«FANFARELE» — Fanfare Shimmering Lip Gloss Collection — in 5 categories transparent shades evoke a fresh, sultry look of summer, sun, lush vegetation, juicy fruits

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  • Lip-smacking scents entice with strawberry, kiwi, mandarin and banana
  • Each category assures intended effect to your lips

* "crystal" No. 61: transparent gloss gives your lips a pure, crystal clear finish.
The gloss emphasizes the natural, fresh colour of your lips while adding a smooth, shiny, flawless finishing touch.

* "illuminant" No. 62 + No. 63: comes in delicate rose petal shades with a subtle luster.
That create a romantic, ephemeral look

* "color" No. 69 + No. 65 + No. 66: this collection of shades infuses and enhances natural lip colour and intensifies underlying colour with the addition of lip stains ranging from rose to apricot. The resulting look can last up to a few hours.
Intensity of lip colour enhancement may vary due to differing PH levels in saliva.
Create a luscious, feminine splash of colour that gradually fades over a period of hours.

"gross" No. 67 + No. 68: give the illusion of creating fuller lips by filling out lip creases. This unique formula regenerates the skin structure making lips appear plumper.
Regular use of this product produces a long lasting, fuller look to your lips.

* "glitter" No. 69 + No. 70: transparent, clear gloss containing subtle flecks of glitter.
Delicate, fruity colour bathed in glittery glow creates a warm, light-reflecting effect on your lips.


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