MESO-THERAPY Olive and Serum It nourishes the body and hair

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  • It removes redness
  • It inhibits the aging process
  • Makes skin and hair more elastic

MESO-THERAPY Olive / Serum for skin and hair

Contains valuable oils and vitamins
It affects the health and beauty of the skin and hair
Improves elasticity
Inhibits the aging process
Contains oleopalmitinic acid
Contains natural UV filters, protecting against burns
Gentle, we take a scent
Golden fins subtly illuminate the skin
Serum has the consistency of an oily emulsion that is quickly absorbed
Serum contains:

NUTRITIONAL NUTRITION MACAULE — soothes irritations, improves skin elasticity
MINERALS, VITAMINS A, B, E — moisturize, soften and elasticize the skin and nourish hair
OLEOPALMITIC ACID — eliminates free radicals from cells
NATURAL UV FILTERS — protect against the negative impact of the environment and sunlight
HOW TO USE Olive / Serum:

Shake well before use to mix ingredients
Perfectly used as a base for makeup or as an additive for moisturizing cream
Use as a nourishing and moisturizing illumination for any type of skin and hair
To add radiant hair, rinse Serum in your hands and rub your hair with your fingers
Capacity: 20 ml