MINERAL DREAM CREAM Creamy consistency

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  • Natural bristle brush
  • Powder Base Eye Shadow

MINERAL DREAM CREAM — eye shadow collection
the Mineral Dream Cream collection offers endless possibilities for enhancing

  • Light, creamy consistency for smooth application and natural look
  • May be applied over entire eye lid or selected portions
  • Also works well applied over existing eye shadow for a brightened effect
  • Revolutionary new formula prevents fading or accumulating in crease of eyelids
  • Sleek, easy to use container with natural bristle brush


Eye Shadow Collection made up of Two Kinds of Product:

1. Powder Base Eye Shadow:
over entire eye lid to create a light, even tone. May be used Alone or as a Base over which other eye shadow may be applied. Powder Base effectively seals eye shadow on eye lid, preventing colour from fading or traveling into crease of eye lid.

2. Colour Brightening Eye Shadow:
leaves a transparent film of catching the light particles. Colour Brightener works equally well in both natural and artificial light settings. Both may also be used to correct uneven skin tone, define eyebrows, coordinate eye shadow colour with lipstick or hair ornaments.

The pink petal Powder Base Shade brightens the eye by erasing tired lines and under eye shadows.
The vanilla Powder Base Shade effectively eliminates dark circles under eyes. Also use to cover broken blood vessels around nose area.
The poetry Powder Base shade may be used as a concealer for the skin. Or get the trendy celebrity nude lip colour look by applying a thin base directly to lips.

Natural bristle brush makes application fast and easy.

Whether using the colour brightening light reflecting properties to create a sparkling night time look for your eyes, cheek bones, collar bones or shoulders, or simply applying one of the beige Powder Bases to lips for a sophisticated day time look.


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