NeoJOY eye shadow Convenient packaging with an applicator

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  • Soft as silk and flawless for hours

NeoJOY – A Burst of Color
soft as silk and flawless for hours

  • the dazzling distribution of this eye shadow allows you to enjoy the splendor of your eyes for hours without end
  • the silky formula and saturated shades of light, dark, and whole landscapes of color in between accentuate your eyes and emphasize the natural hues of your irisis
  • the flawless recipe guarantees an effective application without shadow scattering


Matte – perfect coverage, ideal for everyday makeup application, often used in photoshoots by professional makeup artists

Pearl – very amplifying, perfect for evening makeup as well as for accentuating parts of eyelids

Satin – soft colors, universal, appropriate for day and evening use

With Particles – the play with refracted light allows for a remarkable, unique effect
Convenient packaging with an applicator.


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