POLKA Nail polish Folk inspirations

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  • Practical capacity of 5.5 ml
  • Light consistency
  • Durable colors
  • Small bottle — convenient for handbag and for departure
  • Rich color range, drawn from popular patterns
  • Ideal for supporters of frequent change
  • Light consistency makes the application easy
  • The paints quickly dry and do not leave streaks
  • Proven formula cares about the health of your nails
  • According to European Union standards POLKA lacquer does not contain chemicals accelerating nail degradation: toluene, dibutyl phthalate, aldehyde, camphor
  • Free formulas — varnishes with strong covering and a wide range of colors, with a strong glow
  • Pearlescent formula — the varnishes form a uniform surface scattered with microscopic pearly dust
  • Glitter formula in a transparent base — most commonly used as Top Coat for colored varnish
  • Formula with shimmering particles — sparkling fairy-tale effect on a colorful colored lacquer panes
  • Formula with matte particles — small, joyful effects of color and light
  • Vipera Cosmetics, making a bow in the folk artists’ crafts, reached for a wicker basket and the motifs of the Łowicz, giving the market a collection of polish nail polish
  • Capacity 5.5 ml

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