powder beads roller coaster Lightens the skin Models features

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  • It contains vitamins C and E
  • It softens and smoothes the skin
  • Easy and smooth application
  • Mnimizes imperfections
  • Very efficient formula

Pearl Powdery ROLLER COASTER is a trendy and luxurious cosmetics.

Powder contains bacteriostatic youth vitamins C and E, that regenerate the skin and prevent aging of cells.

Maltodextrin — a natural substance derived from starch — kondycjonująco affects the skin. Hydrated Silica facilitates an easy and uniform application Icing.

Thanks to the natural hydrophilic substance generated from rowan, Pearl Powdery bind water to the surface of the skin, soften it and smooth.

Containers are provided which in cans. Powerful formula Icing allows many months of use of the cosmetic.

ROLLER COASTER collection, the Pearl Powdery compositions in two colors:

ROLLER COASTER SURREAL — shapes the facial features

ROLLER COASTER BIZARRE — brightens, refreshes, rejuvenates, minimizes imperfections

Capacity: 25 g

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