«SALAMANDRA» — Crackled Nail Polish Series latest new look in nails - easier than you can imagine!

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  • Anyone of 9 available "SALAMANDRA" colours can be applied over any nail polish to create endless combinations of designs and shades
  • As soon as the "SALAMANDRA" coat is applied over a dried nail polish surface, the newly applied top coat begins to crack and unique designs appear before your eyes
  • Apply over entire nail or over only half or striped style on nail bed

Have fun playing around with variations of colours.
Best results are achieved when using strong contrasting colours between base coat colour and top coat "SALAMANDRA" colour.

Try putting a pale "SALAMANDRA" colour over a dark or bright base colour and vice versa. Use your imagination to achieve an endless variety of looks.
Finish your fabulous crackled manicure with a mandatory coat of Top Coat.

1. Apply base coat of your favorite Vipera nail polish colour. Allow to dry thoroughly
2. Apply a coat of "SALAMANDRA" polish. A thin coat will produce a delicate crackled "snake skin" effect while a thicker coat will create a "giraffe" effect. As the "SALAMANDRA" polish begins to dry it starts to crack, creating unique artistic designs every time!
3. Finish up with a coat of Top Coat

Latest style, newest look.

Unlimited ways to combine colours.

Super easy to create at home innovative nail designs with a professional nail salon look!


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