Spider VOLUMINATOR Mascara Long lashes and beautiful eyes

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  • Very deep black
  • Feminine look

Spider VOLUMINATOR – Mascara from the Black is Black Collection
adds volume and lengthening for an alluring, feminine look


  • Terrific thickening and lengthening formula
  • The natural bristles of the so-called Spider brush allow each individual lash to be lifted
  • The «Spider» brush lash builder creates fabulously thick, long lashes and beautiful eyes with «VOLUMINATOR» Mascara


The reason why this brush effectively creates so much volume and lengthening is that there are tiny bubbles on the ends of bristles along three sides of the brush. Therefore, we call it the Spider 3 brush. These bubbles cause more mascara to cling to the brush, thus making the lashes very deep black and voluminous. So, with one application you get longer and thicker lashes than with any other brush. The special bristles (7 mls for the green Spider brush) work like a comb to beautifully separate individual eyelashes.

Weight — 10 ml

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