Strobing Glow Highlighter Rejuvenated complexion

Рейтинг: 5.00
  • It highlights the natural light
  • Decorates the neckline and shoulders
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Silky and creamy

Strobing Glow Highlighter emphasizes the features with light. Suitable for any complexion.

STROBING — Step By Step
Distribute Moisturizing Cream or BB Cream. Put on your favorite color Strobing Glow:

• over the eyebrow — emphasize the eyebrow arch
• under the eyebrow — optical eye enlargement
• under the wing-like eyes — illumination of the eye
• on the back of the nose — slender
• on the cheekbones — emphasize the female facial shape
• over the upper lip and the middle of the lower lip — optical facial firming
• on the chin — sinking indentations

Ingredients: highest purity oils, beeswax, spherical pearls, silicone emollients.

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